Red Fin Playing Cards

Luck is something that most people are seeking in life. The term ‘Luck’ first entered English as a term for gambling. Since it was connected with gambling matters, it’s interpretation began to grow wider and expressed as “prosperity, profit, and abundance”. In the other part which is Chinese culture, ‘Luck’ is a part of the culture itself. It grows mostly from the Chinese myth and spirituality which is formed from the early religious matter in the Chinese history. Based on these, we could see that ‘Luck’ is often related to wealth. And in modern life, many cultures have been introduced into society. Humans have the tendency to keep wanting more and feel dissatisfied. Most people look at luck as something rare and valuable. But what if we change the way we think and see everything around us as luck? After all, this is all about the way how the mind works.

Red Fin playing cards are standard playing cards with 53 different illustrations and graphics based on the perception and belief in luck. Featuring 4 of 52 special cards in every box of cards. Every illustration is specially created with a story and concept behind it.

Red Fin ‘Get Lucky!’ is a fun and playful platform for you to seek your luck. It’s a simple decision making app with the same objective of coin flipping. Featuring 52 different illustrations and facts about luck with and connected to the social media.

    NAFA Project
    Red Fin Playing Cards